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January 25, 2018


Elaine Viets

Glad the two men are safe, Marcia, but it's sad that beautiful boat is lost. The damage doesn't seem all that bad to this landlubber. Is it below the waterline?

Marcia Talley

Yes, the bottom has several big holes in it. Today they managed to turn the boat slightly and tip it over on its port side and you can now clearly see the temporary patches. I went down at high tide (2 pm) but the wind was too strong, blowing directly on the beach, so no progress was made.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh, my gosh..what a tragedy in every way. Ah. And what a story!

Tamie Boger

Where is Scott staying? I would like to meet him. He knows Ricky Gardner from St. Augustine. I am Sport of the Chase on Lubbers. Capt Tamie

Marcia Talley

Tamie, he's in one of Truman's cottages over near LVA.

Barry Talley

Forlorn comes to mind. Seeing the wrecked boat on that lonely stretch of beach brings a profound sense of sadness. Although disabled, she delivered her crew safely to shore, but in the process was damaged beyond repair.

Sue Beasley

This is such a sad, sad story. My husband built the boat in the early 80's and we were married on her! On a lighter note, better she dies like this than rotting away on the hard.

Marcia Talley

Oh, Sue! How sad for you, too. But Ellipsis seems to have led a good, adventurous life, and ending it here in the beautiful Bahamas after being cared for by many loving hands is sweet, in a way.

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