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January 03, 2018



what an interesting group of characters that i'm sure will continue to aid you in your writing endeavors. I, too, am a lover of these darling felines. Your household is a lively one!

Dean James

Yes, all it takes is a couple of kittens to liven things up!

Deb Romano

I think Bert and Ernie won the lottery!



Your post on the duo make me smile. Can't wait to see how this first hand research makes your book better.

Dean James

Thanks, Deb and Mark!

Jana Leah

Kitties are great research assistants!

Candy Kennedy

Such a neat story. Love your books and kittens well who can resist.Cant wait to read their adventures. I love siblings. Our two Siamese however are the first sisters and sre not bonded at all. After 3 years they play but quickly qnd not often our boy sibs were all bonded.

Kristin Lundgren

What a fun and heartwarming look at kitten hood. Makes me long for it. I haven't had a kitten since 2006? At least ten years. I remember how small they were, how needy, and how much fun they were. When my Willow, a tuxedo and 14, was little he lived on my shoulder as I went about the tasks associated with being the mom of girls in or near teenagedom. He sat up there for at least a year if not two. I got used to holding his bum when I bent over. Glad they will help with the next book!


Thank you so much for sharing the news of how your new research assistants are helping Charlie Harris! What an adventure in so many ways! It's so exciting to read about the antics and discoveries of the kittens. Many you enjoy all the precious moments and unconditional love and purrs. All the best,

Elaine Viets

Your new additions are so cute. Congrats! Don and I learned there was no such thing as a free cat when we adopted Harry -- who had ear mites, needed neutering and special food. But he's worth it.

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