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January 16, 2018



I tend to check a bag since I find it easier. Just check it and you are done keeping track of it until you get to your destination. This is especially true for conferences where I know I am going to wind up buying books. I just hate that they charge a bag fee. Just raise your price, already!

And I always bring my laptop. So much easier to have what I'm used to using if I need to jump on it for whatever reason.


I can do four nights and an awards banquet on a carry-on bag. One more night and I start to struggle. My top convention travel tip is: when you buy seventeen books (and you will), send the books home "book rate" if it's USPS, but if it's UPS, post your dirty clothes home and put your books in your case. It's cheaper. And when you get home, you've got new books instead of dirty washing.


I do what Catriona does (always do what Catriona does). I ship books or dirty clothes (or both) home. I'm that person whose checked luggage is guaranteed to be sent to a destination far more exotic than the one to which I'm actually traveling. I'm convinced I'm jinxed when it comes to checked bags

Kathy Reel

I so admire those of you who can take only a carry-on for four days. I'm the kitchen sink packer. I am also a tissue paper packer for my clothes (like Hank Phillippi Ryan), and it does keep the clothes neater. I put my underwear in plastic see-through bags because, well, luggage inspection seems to catch me every other trip, and I'm appalled at the thought of someone raking through my under garments.

I do take advantage of UPS shipping at Bouchercon for books, of which I always buy tons. And, I have been known to ship dirty clothes home from Hawaii. I just really need to learn how to take less.

Nancy Jo Clark

I love packing cubes!


Okay, how can tissue paper help? It's more stuff. Not much more. But more.


Tissue paper reduces wrinkles.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

What a great topic. I am a big point of tissue paper, for some reason it makes things smaller. Can that be true? Agreed, Catriona, four days and a banquet is doable in an overhead. Which kind of sounds like a book title. .But I cannot remember the last time I checked a bag, it makes me incredibly nervous. So if I can’t get into my overhead, it doesn’t go. I will admit to shipping my Malice ToastMaster gown by UPS. And I shipped it back, too. But that was an incredibly special occasion!
And sometimes, I use UPS to ship my shoes home, along with all my books!Great minds!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Nanci Jo--PLEASE tell me! How do packing cubes work?

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