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February 19, 2018



An author didn't like one of my reviews. They blocked me on all forms of social media and (I've heard) belittled me once I was blocked. It didn't take much for me to figure it out when I got two messages of support from authors in the same day. (Hey, I read mysteries, I can put clues together.)

The thing is, I would have been willing to give the author another chance since the book I didn't enjoy was later in a series I had enjoyed up until that point. But because of this, I dropped them.

So yes, even ranting against reviewers after your book is published can cost you.

In this day and age, this kind of thing is important for people to remember no matter what field they are in. What you put on social media really can be detrimental to your future.


I think people forget that the "social" in social media means word is likely to spread along social networks



And, being behind a computer screen really does change how people behave. They are more likely to say or do things they wouldn't do to the person's face.


Absolutely! And not juat on social media. It happens in real life too. Go to a couple of conventions and you're - unfortunately - bound to meet someone you don't know who immediately tells you (reminder: they don't know you) what they think (hint: not much) of someone you *do* know and possibly love. Why would anyone do that???


Catriona, probably because they've never heard of the phrase, "Six degrees of separation." Those of us from the southern US know better than to talk bad about anybody because someone is always somebody's cousin's mother's college roommate's best friend's sister. (Way up here in Chicagoland, I've already met a man whose brother worked at the same place my parents worked and a man whose father worked at the same place my parents worked, in Virginia, at the same time they worked there. Never, ever talk bad about anybody to strangers.)

Hank PhilLippi ryan

If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything. It’s such a simple rule to follow! I have never ever heard of an unkind word that did not backfire—and it is such bad karma, anyway. Bitterness is so toxic and seems even to encourage more bitterness, doesn’t it?

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