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February 20, 2018


Art Taylor

Great post, Toni! And I agree. I see lots of folks in my classes who are driven, determined, and creative--creative, critical thinkers whether actually involved in creative endeavor or not!


Just like every stereotype, there are those who do prove it, and those who prove the exact opposite. It's why stereotypes are so bad.

And honestly, I think some of the flack that millenials get is actually just toward college age in general. But again, I'm stereotyping.

Deb Romano

Most of the young people I know are working more than one job, and some are also helping to support parents or other relatives. Truthfully, I didn't even know that there were stereotypes of "lazy" millennials! I don't know any!


Escape Place

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Elaine Viets

Good post, Toni. I'm in South Florida, and awed by the 17-year-olds in the Parkland high school shootings. These kids are smart, poised and articulate -- much smarter than I was at their age.

Encore Uniform

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