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February 05, 2018


Liz Milliron

"Wow, the river at Fallingwater is really high. Say, what if a dead body got caught up on that platform, right as a group of tourists walked by?

Oh, and what the bleep are we going to have for dinner tonight?"


Welcome, Sisters. I remember once at a dinner party someone asking about the best way to kill a spouse. I answered - as you would: a walk on a quiet clifftop, a shove in the small of the back, convincing grief and don't add any details. Then there was this silence and a collective stare. No one else had actually thought about it and come prepared.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

This is such fun to read! Love hanging out with you all!

Jonathan and I were at dinner at a fancy-ish restaurant a wile ago, and just as the waiter approached, I was saying "Well you can't just push someone off a bridge, you know? You can't be sure they'd die."

And the waiter, trying to control his expression, says "Um, ma'am?"

Becky Clark

Liz ... I would read that. And it's leftover soup.

Catriona ... I'm stunned that nobody else would have thought it through. Although, somebody brought it up, so you know there is mischief afoot.

Hank ... that's hilarious. And absolutely true. It's never enough to try to kill someone. You gotta make sure you've deadified them!

Edith Maxwell

Thanks so much for having us, Hank! I love all these answers - how our brains work in similar ways.

Wendy Dingwall

What a fun read! I enjoyed relating to so many of the answers. I look forward to the next stop!

Leslie Karst

Interesting how many of these comments include shoving someone into a body of water to kill them. My writing desk here in Hilo looks out toward the Wailuku River where, for the past week, I've been watching the bright orange County helicopter search for the body of a woman who fell into the river and is presumed drowned. Creepy and real life. Wailuku, BTW, means "water of destruction."

Lysa MacKeen

I love this topic - and all the funny responses. I was sitting in my office a few months back and doing some background work for a field research plan. My co-worked walked in, looked at the screen and said, "Should I be worried?". The article onscreen was "Kidnapping: The Basics". If Shawn's son is right and anyone near me disappears - I'm in trouble!


It's all about the what ifs, isn't it?

Hank Phillippi Ryan

"Fell," Leslie? Oh, RIGHT.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Lysa, that's hilarious! xoxo And we will vouch for you!

Leslie Karst

Yes, Hank, my thoughts, too. Which may be why they really want to find the body. Oy...

Becky Clark

Lysa ... we'll all hang together when they find our incriminating search history!

And does anyone else find it interesting that Leslie just "happens" to find herself at her "desk" "overlooking" the river where someone "fell"? I'm sure that's not at all "suspicious."

Jana Leah

I have no idea where to hide a dead body, so I just googled it. The amount of hits is amazing. At least you all have an excuse if the police come knocking at your door. Me, not so much.

Cathy Perkins

Whew! I'm so relieved to find Sisters who understand potential - really, it's all hypothetical! - situations!
I mean, really - our hike this weekend included a series of narrow footbridges (ahem, no handrails) over a creek in full early snow melt-off rampage. I offhandedly commented that if you fell, the water wasn't deep enough to drown you, but the drop to the basalt rocks would probably take care of it.
My husband wanted to know if he should be concerned. ;)

Leslie Karst

Shhhhhhh, Becky--you're supposed to be on my side!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Our poor spouses....xoxo

Kara Vaughan Marks

I tell you who I think is really suspicious. I'm from the south, but living in a small town in Michigan--everyone is usually very friendly, but every week day I'm sitting in the sunroom at the front of the house, watching for the school bus w/ my grandson to drop off. The mailman comes by every day and I wave and so does my baby grandson, who is adorable. And you know what? That mailman never waves back! I just think that's weird, lol.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Kara? That is the creepiest thing I’ve ever heard. Very astute observation!

Frankie Bow

We have an active lava flow on our island. It's a great way to dispose of evidence...

Ellen Byron

What a great idea! And fun post.

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