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March 29, 2018


Marcia Talley

Onward and upward! The revolution has begun.

Kay Gordy

It was a wonderful day - inspiring and impressive. The experience left me feeling hopeful and proud to be an American again - feelings I haven’t had in too long.

Elaine Viets

Right on, Marcia! You made the Femmes protest international.

Elaine Viets

Definitely agree, Kay. We are the future of America.


Thank you for sharing this, Elaine. A lot of us on the west coast were at Left Coast Crime in Reno, with you in spirit. I like the potty-mouth Jesus sign, especially.

Elaine Viets

Me, too, Catriona.

Frances Brody

It is so heartening to read this. More power to you all. x

Elaine Viets

Thank you, Frances. This generation is amazing: brilliant and motivated.

Storyteller Mary

Brava, my friend! Change is happening because of good people's efforts. You might need a Solumbra sunhat if there's a next demonstration. <3

Elaine Viets

I'll definitely wear a sunhat on the next march, Mary. I have a sunburned scalp -- but it was worth it.

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