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March 13, 2018


Triss Stein

Peanut butter! The ultimate for many Americans. Though tomato soup and grilled cheese is pretty high up there too. And mac & cheese.
Did you know the rabbi comment about soup is a clever play on a well-known quote from a 1st century rabbi, Hillel? (Loved this post)

Karen in Ohio

Homemade potato soup. Hardcooked egg sandwiches with mayo and lettuce. BLT's. Homemade vegetable soup.

But now I want curry. That sounds so yummy.

Jamie Freveletti

That curry sounds amazing! For me comfort food is spaghetti bolognese, made with homemade sauce and ground beef or chuck-doesn't have to be lean, and freshly grated parmesan. Loved this post!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh, BLTs! Great idea. And popcorn. Chili. Oh, dear, this is making me hungry. BACON! Beef stew. Yum yum. And the fragrance of turkey in the oven, right?

Okay, somebody stop me.

Sal T

I had to look up Birchered potatoes. Thanks!

Ann Mason.

Comfort food?
Macaroni and cheese, made with sharp cheddar and cream or at least half and half.
Oatmeal raisin cookies, with nuts. That’s breakfast , correct?
Crusty bread hot from the oven with Amish butter. O. M. G.
Any homemade soup. The worst I ever had was, like sex, so good I could hardly stand it.
P.E.I. Mussels in a creamy Pernod sauce.

Deb Romano

A year ago I went to a Christmas party that featured mostly finger food, but the hostess also put out tomato soup and tiny triangles of grilled cheese sandwiches. The soup was served in tiny glasses, and the sandwiches easily fit into the glasses if guests wanted to dip them. This was the biggest hit of the evening. She had to keep putting out more soup and sandwiches!

Comfort food for me is often meatloaf. Or tomato soup.

And there's a soup my mom used to make with chicken broth, white rice, and grated cheese. In the last few minutes she would stir eggs into it. It was similar to Greek egg lemon soup. We didn't have it very often, but I loved it. I have tried and tried to make it. While I do like what I manage to make, mine is never soupy enough, in my opinion. I also add lemon juice at the end. I once asked Mom if she remembered how she made it. She was surprised that I liked it and that I was (more or less) making it. She said she hated it, she made it only for a brief period when money was tight, as she usually had those ingredients in the house.


LJ Roberts

Comfort food for me is:
- Tomato soup (made with milk) and grilled cheese sandwiches (mayo on the outside of the bread, butter on the inside and lots of American and mild cheddar cheese)
- Mac and cheese, especially from the Kraft blue box
- My mother's potato salad (red potatoes, eggs, sweet pickle relish, nutmeg, mayo with a pinch of sugar)
- Toast with butter
- Good vanilla ice cream

Kim Wyant

I love this post! Chicken soup is a must but I love lots of noodles in mine or chicken soup's close cousin, chicken and dumplings! Potatoes cooked any way, especially mashed is my main go-to. You can have the tomato soup though! And I need to try that curry! I also love eggs, scrambled with a bit of cheese is great comfort with some buttered toast.

Susan Neace

Homemade French toast with pecans, maple syrup and sliced bananas on top. Graham crackers dipped in milk. Homemade rice pudding with raisins.


I'm starving, you people! Susan, the US thing for cookies and cold milk is one I can't acquire. I miss the tea.

And Triss, I think I admire the rabbi a bit less now I know she was giving an unattributed quote. Thanks for the info.

Not sure how I managed to miss bacon butties out of this list.

Fish and chips nearly made it but then - as Neil said - they're not comfort; they're excitement.


Yes to the spag bol, Jamie, and to the mac and cheese, but my own recipe with no boxes involved. And baked of course, Alexia.

Marmite! How could I forget?

Elaine Viets

Love this blog! Mashed potatoes and gravy is comfort food for me. Let's join hands across the sea for tomato soup (Campbells of course) and grilled cheese.

Edith Maxwell

What a post! What comforting comments! My mom used to make creamed tuna (and peas) on toast. It was perfection when I was a kid, and I'm thinking of working on an adult version (add some dill, maybe a little sherry, serve on sourdough...). She and I were to only two of the family who liked it. Once - I must have been ten or twelve -I asked her for her recipe, sure it was a secret family recipe passed down for generations. I was crushed when she said, Look it up in Joy of Cooking. ;^)

Katherine Bolger Hyde

I've had to give up most comfort foods for health reasons. But I can still eat the one at the top of my list: CHOCOLATE.


Homemade minestrone soup with every veggie I can find, beans, pasta, and twice as much garlic as any recipe calls for.

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