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March 20, 2018


Art Taylor

I think it sounds like a great spread here! And wishing I was closer to Chicago. The wine is always key, I think--and Tara and I have made bourbon punch a couple of times (and then watched people literally tip the bowl to ladle up the last drops of it). Hope it all goes well!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

This sounds PERFECT! I've heard bookstores say--no chocolate! Since gooey chocolate tends to get on the books.

But you menu sounds great. I always get way too much food and wine...but hey, happy to take it home. It's a party, though, right? And you are celebrating your wonderful book on its first day into the world.

Cheers! And congratulations!


It depends on the book signing. I've been to plenty where nothing was offered. Usually for a book launch, there is food of some kind. But if it is just a regular book signing, snacks are completely optional.

Oh, and I'm the guest who will also go for the water. I don't drink alcohol (don't like the smell, so I don't want to taste it), and I only drink soda about once a month. Fruit juice is good, but I tend to stick with water.


If I wasn't going to Reno, I'd fly to Chicago for the devilled eggs alone. Gasping with giggles at you upgrading your hostess inspiration from Martha Stewart!

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