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April 17, 2018


Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh, I had a great cat who, each night while I was sleeping, would take EVERY skein of yarn out of my knitting basket and place it at my bedside. Every morning I would pat him, and put it back. The next night, he'd do the same thing. I think he thought it was his job. And easier than mice, apparently.


Yikes! Sorry to hear about your evening. Hopefully, things get straightened out today, or at least on the road to back to normal.

Vickie Fee

Ooh, Alexia, you are braver than I when it comes to mice!I found one in the dishwasher years ago and wouldn't stay alone in the house with it! However, I think haunted houses, in general, are cool -- especially literary ones! Great post!!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

A mouse in the dishwasher??? Ahhh....

Cathy M

As we only have had a cat since living in Florida, I have no cat and mouse stories. My stories involve cat and lizards and snakes. Think weird caterwauling in the middle of the night followed by disembodied lizard heads in the morning or crunching sounds from the kitchen followed by snake parts on the floor.

Susan Neace

We used to live in a very old house and when it got cold outside mice would find their way in. My husband woke one morning because the cat was playing between us and had tucked his toy into a fold of the covers next to him. When the toy moved he discovered the mouse Beauregard was so thoughtfully sharing. I kidded him about the cat liking him better than me. So Beau left me half a mouse in my new shoe a few days later

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