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April 02, 2018



Interesting seeing how an author goes about creating a new character and mystery.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Isn't it, Mark? ANd this is especially revealing and educational. I am SO late to the party today! ANd just got this onto Facebook-- Jean, are you on Twitter?

And wow..where did you get that amazing profile picture? It's perfect for discussing multi-faceted characters!

Jean Rabe

I am soooo happy to be on this page. Much thanks and hugs. My profile picture was "artsied" through a free website. I hold a mug gifted to me by fellow author Steven Paul Leiva, who I dedicated The Bone Shroud to.

Jean Rabe

also on Twitter jeanerabe

chris verstraete

Reading this and it's great! Jean is a fantastic details person who truly makes the characters alive and full of description!

Elaine Viets

Welcome, Jean. Love the inside view on how you built your character. I like the early 30s for women characters, also, for the same reasons you do.

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