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April 02, 2018


Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh, Donna we all love you so much. And that Tolkien quote is so wonderful..and so are you.


It's understandable, Donna. It takes time. And I agree those lists help in the early days, and I think help with the grieving process, too, not just in keeping us busy.


You shine, Donna. Your wisdom and your acceptance of the good and bad in your mom letting go are coming through loud and clear. Hugs very soon, at Malice.

Annette Dashofy

Sending love and hugs, Donna. Your words take me back to a little over a year ago when I lost my own mom. You'll have those weepy moments--often out of the blue--for months, for years...forever? But the good memories do start to overpower the grief.

Elaine Viets

Welcome back. Donna. And so sorry for your loss.


So sorry to read about your loss. I think this year has started out tough for many of us and I am definitely reminded why I prefer to escape into my books, it makes all of the sad things go away for a while. I hope the happy memories comfort you while the pain is so great. Hugs.


My sympathies

Julie Herman

You are so right. Work of any kind is what gets us through those first few days. Your mother was a treasure. Her memory will always be a blessing for you.

Leslie Budewitz

"The list is the bridge that gets you over the first few days" -- such a good insight. My condolences, Donna.

Clea Simon

Beautifully put and all so true, Donna. I am so sorry

Mary Ann Corrigan

You found good words for difficult times. My condolences, Donna.

Elise Kress

What a moving post, Donna. For those of us who've been through it, we recognize all that you've described here. And you've described it beautifully; not a surprise for a writer of your ability. Losing parents, no matter when it happens to us, is hard. I hope that as you move back into the regular (I won't say normal) flow of your life, all the memories you carry become comforting instead of wounding. This can take a long time, and we who love to read your words will wait patiently.


Thanks, everyone.

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