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May 04, 2018


Karen in Ohio

I hear ya, Kris.

We've lived in our house nearly 33 years, raising three kids, and I've had three different businesses here, along with several hobbies. In the last 11 years I cannot tell you how many carloads, truckloads, and even dumpsters full of stuff I've taken out of this house. It's ludicrous.

We'll be moving sometime in the next year, and I'm determined to only take what we really want, really love, and really need, and nothing else.

And I've stopped buying anything except food and the essentials.

Dean James

Kris, I feel for you! When I accepted the job that brought me back to Mississippi, I had just under four weeks to pack and find an apartment. I got rid of a lot of stuff, like old electronics that I took to be recycled. I took numerous large bags of clothing to Goodwill and boxes of books as well. But every time I looked at what was left to do, I stressed out. As the deadline got closer, I had have the movers finish the packing, and I wasn't happy about that, but I had no choice. I had to be on the job on a specific day. Then seven months later, I moved again, from apartment to house. Never again, until it's to the nursing home or the cemetery.


I haven't moved in 15 years, and the thought of moving scares me silly. I have so much junk around here, not to mention my collections of ornaments and books. And I live in a condo!

I need to take some time to weed through stuff and throw stuff out. Except that would take time away from reading.

Suzanne Epstein

I’ve got you all beat. I’ve been in my house for 49 years. And yes, my garage is piled with boxes - some of our stuff, some from my mother, and stuff belonging to my grown children. I’ve helped my kids move, so I’m familiar with the packing, taping, labeling process. But the thought of me moving is so daunting that I just push it away. Maybe some day... when I can’t climb the steps to my bedroom...

jean m utley

I have too many books to move!


Karen, you have my sympathy. I'm trying to only pack what we love, too; my problem is that I find various levels of like are confusing me.


I hear you, Dean. You have my admiration for being able to do it again after seven months! I haven't even moved yet, and I'm saying "Never again," too.


Mark, you're right that packing -- and deciding what to keep -- does take away reading, but I seem to be reading faster now, so I haven't lost as much as I feared. Don't move if you don't have to!


Suzanne, there might be a point at which it's impossible. You could be there.


Jean, I really hear you about the books. We packed many of the books first -- that's one aisle in the garage.

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