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May 16, 2018


Hank PhilLippi ryan

This is so fascinating! And I love that era, my husband does too. He can get lost for many many days in the Napoleonic wars.

Oh Tracy, I know this is insiders, but changing the names of characters? I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of that… And what a fascinating solution. How did your brain handle it?

And I can just picture you as a little girl, falling in love with the time. What a lovely story!

Daniella Bernett


This was a delightful interview. It provides wonderful insight into your rich and complex stories, and writing process.

Tracy Grant

So fun to be here! Hank, isn't it a fascinating era? Changing the names of the characters was hard at first, but I was thrilled to have a way to continue to write about them. For a while I'd write with their old names and then change them just before I submitted the book. Now the names are almost interchangeable to me. Though I made "Mélanie" Suzanne's real name, which she starts using when her spy identity is revealed, so now I get to call her Mélanie again, which I like.

Tracy Grant

Thanks so much, Daniella! I love talking about writing and plotting!

Kristin Lundgren

Very interesting! I read Anthea Malcolm! My mom and my sister read Heyer, so it was natural I'd read it, and then go on to assemble a huge collection of Regencies, including almost every anthology up to 2000 (and my divorce), and leaving the romance line for 17 years.

Tracy Grant

So great to hear you read the Anthea Malcolm books, Kristin!

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