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May 22, 2018


Karen in Ohio

What a great way to spend part of your summer. Lots to see and do.

Looks like you're using the toll roads (I-90/Turnpike) along the northern route. You could also swing further south and use I-70, instead. No tolls, and through some very pretty country in the Appalachian foothills. And just north of there, while you're still in Ohio, some Amish countryside, which is spectacular.

Gas will be a lot less than you pay in California, except in Maryland and other New England states. As you drive through the Plains states look for the big megaplazas for truckers. They usually have the cleanest bathrooms, fresh donuts, and great coffee, among other things. And cheap gas, generally.

If you get near Indianapolis or Columbus, let me know and I'll meet you for lunch or dinner or something!


Petrol is so incredibly cheap in CA compared with the UK, I can't imagine how it could get any cheaper. Thanks for the tip about trucker plazas.


I've always wanted to do a big road trip like that, but I've never had the chance. Have fun!


The stars aligned, Mark. I needed to be in NYC and Florida (and wanted to go to Minneapolis) for work. Neil needed to be in Boston and Florida for work. When we checked the dates, it turned out that the sequence was sensible, as long as we work in Starbuckses or hotel rooms for a couple of hours every day. So instead of a summer of airplanes, it's a summer of . . . well, we'll see.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Are you truly coming to Boston? When??? Come stay with us! YAAAAY! xooo Seriously.

Michele Drier

I adore road trips! There’s always something waiting over the next hill. Read, reread, re-reread William Least Heat Moon’s “Blue Highways” and wanted to go to Dime Box, Tennessee.
What a wonderful way to spend a summer!


Twelve years ago, my family went on a 7-week road trip, following your projected path pretty closely! It was a fantastic experience, for sure. A few tidbits of advice: Allow for some down time. It can get exhausting always rushing from one "must-see" site to another. If you haven't seen the Grand Canyon, make sure you do. And don't worry if you have to re-wear some not-exactly-clean clothes. Odds are, you won't run into anyone you know! (If you have any specific questions, just holler! And when you get to D.C., you're welcome to bunk here!)

Lori Rader-Day

I agree on the book Blue Highways. When you said you might be near Chicago, Catriona, I didn't realize you meant you would literally HAVE to be near Chicago. Can you stop? You'll be stuck in traffic, anyway...might as well get dinner?

Keenan Powell

You might want to Google "tornado alley". Just saying.

Debi Huff

I can guess what you might be doing in the Starbuckses but what on earth would you do for a couple of hours in a hotel to earn money on the trip?? LOL!! I'm mad that you can't visit Kentucky-the Bluegrass State is beautiful-I could show you a good time!!! Enjoy your drive. Good Luck. See you at B'con??


Ah but Debi, once I've done this trip I'll be on 40 states visited and the impetus to scoop up the final 10 will get me to Kentucky, I'm sure!

JD Allen

Not sure I could tolerate the car that long anymore! Old crampy lady. You're getting lots of invites for free lodging! I'll add to that. We're will be on your route in NC or in FL depending on when you travel. We're moving south this summer. You are welcome to stop in or meet! And there is the grandest of US historic homes in NC. Biltmore House was George Vanderbilt's 8000-acre estate. http://www.biltmore.com
Have to stop there.

Sherry Harris

How fun! Eastern Iowa is way prettier than western Iowa -- says the girl from eastern Iowa. And I too love Blue Highways.

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