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May 14, 2018



For me it’s podcasts but not just any one. Like you I need to like the subject and better yet if the presenter is English. My favourite right now is (No Such Thing As A Fish ) and I listen to them over and over they are both funny and English. I don’t take audio books to bed I hate to miss any part of a book. Most podcasts are around 45 min to an hour so I set my sleep timer to an hour.


I fall asleep reading, which is rare for a reader. Every day on my lunch hour, I go out to my car to read, and doze off for a little while only to wake up again and keep reading. It doesn't matter who I am reading. And at night, if I can't sleep, I turn the light back on and read. If I'm on my side, I will usually doze off pretty quickly.

It's every author I read, so no one should take it personally. But it is a great way to turn off the part of the brain that is keeping me up.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Podcasts! What a great idea. Now if I could only figure out how to find a podcast...

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