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May 21, 2018



My favorite non-crime related short story is Everyday Use by Alice Walker.

And in the crime fiction arena, I always come back to the incredible story, The Octopus Nest by Sophie Hannah. How she pulls that off is simply genius.


“Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes

Kathy Lynn Emerson

I agree completely about “Rest You Merry” in both its incarnations and I’ll add another holiday story, Barb Goffman’s “The Shadow Knows”

Art Taylor

Oh, such a nice post! I was reading it to get a list of stories I didn't know, hadn't read, and then suddenly there was my own name at the bottom. Appreciate the shout-out! And the additions to my TBR list.

Barb Goffman

Just saw this, Kathy. I'm so honored you mentioned my story. I love writing capers. <3


It is indeed a hard question. One of my all-time favorite short stories is "Suspicion" by Agatha Christie. "Much ado about murder" by Kathy Lynn Emerson is a fun one, in which her fictional detective, Susanna, Lady Appleton, meets Shakespeare's Beatrice and Benedick.


I meant "Accident," not "Suspicion."


Thanks, all of you--expanding my short story reading list!

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