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May 07, 2018



This is the most ridiculous lawsuit. I read part of her petition and I believe that her trademark only includes the word is a swirly script (and for romance series as you say).

But even still, one of the first things you learn in English courses is that titles and character names can't have copyrights. Trademarks are not the same of course, but come on.

All for attention!

Roswita Hildebrandt

I thought titles could not be copyrighted? Maybe I was misinformed. Or maybe series can be but titles cannot?


Is it just me or does peathingy sound NSFW?


Titles cannot be copyrighted. Only certain things can be trademarked, and they are very specific. I think the lawyers are going to make their money and the author is going to be poorer for the efforts. Her stylized image can be trademarked, not the word itself. if a word could be trademarked no one, ever, could ever write another word unless they made them up as totally new ones.


I spent way too much time yesterday reading through blog posts about this. It was the train wreck I couldn't look away from.

And as I was reading about it, I thought about you and JR and your books last Christmas. It happens. I haven't seen it happen quite that close together before, but it happens. And you were both mature enough to shrug it off and go about your lives.

Elaine Viets

That's pretty cocky of her, trying to claim a whole word. Jeez. It least it's an amusing story -- and a good blog.

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