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June 04, 2018


Barb Goffman

Not to mention Chesapeake Crimes duties ...


As a reader, I appreciate this “problem” of yours as well.


I thought that line sounded familiar. I love Gaudy night and keep it in my car to grab and read when I don't have a new book handy.

Where are you going on your cruise, or is that a spoiler?

Do you have a favorite cruise-themed book by another author?

Linda in MA

Hmmm a cruise sounds like an interesting background for Meg and her relatives. Brings out thoughts of pelicans or an albatross for birds. And shuffleboard- do they still do that? I’ve never been on a cruise and the ideas are flowing. Have fun on your cruise and I can’t wait to hear the title. Toucans has been preordered for months so I can’t wait to read it.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Yes! You are amazing. Take a break? Yes.
The Pel I Can. xoxoxo


Barb, if I start listing all the non-writing projects on my plate--even the writing-related one like editing--I will probably, like Meg's mother, need to lie down with a cool cloth over my forehead.

Mark, not exactly a problem. Just the writer's situation.

Claudia, I'm going on a short jaunt to Bermuda. Which is probably where Meg's ship will go, unless I find some reason to change her destination.

And while I am sure I have read a cruise-themed book or two, I can't remember any offhand.

Linda, I will keep my eyes open for shuffleboard. I think it might have been replaced with mini-golf, water slides, and saunas.


Margaret Turkevich

I have a great on-board reading suggestion: Steve Goble's first pirate noir, The Bloody Black Flag. For all of us who yearned to be pirates, at least in our imaginations after devouring Treasure Island.

Victoria Hamilton

OMG, you've described the writing process so very well! And it is refreshing to hear you speak of 'quotas'. Yes, I too have a daily 'quota', but it sounds so dry and manufacturing-ish when I say it... though it works. So... off I go to make quota on one of the two books I'm in the middle of writing right now, when I suppose I should be doing publicity for the one coming out June 19th, or the one I need to plan for 2019.

Elaine Viets

Enjoy your "down time," Donna. Can I say again how much I love your titles?

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