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June 13, 2018


Art Taylor

Oh such a great list--and so many I haven't read, including Tiger in the Smoke, I'm sorry to admit!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Wow! This is a treasure! Thank you so much - now going through to see how many I’ve read, and looks like I have quite a treat ahead of me!

Margaret Turkevich

great list! I've read 24. Delighted to see one of my all-time favorites, Kathy Trocheck's Every Crooked Nanny. She nails Atlanta society with her rapier wit.

Carol Harper

At least 37, maybe more as I have nearly the entire oeuvre of many of those authors but I’m terrible with titles!


46, with two that I haven't on my mystery group list for this year.


I've read 6 on the list. And many of these I must admit I haven't heard of (or my brain isn't working on 4 hours of sleep).

I'm not the biggest Robert Crais fan, but I absolutely agree with you on L.A. Requiem. That's easily the best in the series I've read so far. Still got a handful to go to be up to date on the series.

Dean James

So glad to see that some of you have read at least some of these books. :-)

Elaine Viets

Fascinating list, Dean. I've read many of these, but I see more for Mount TBR.

Carolyn Hains

Wonderful list and thank you for the inclusion. I love so many of these same books. But I'm also a fan of Miranda James and Dean James in all of his incarnations!

Debbie Price

I have read many of these. A wonderful list!

Joy Brunner

It looks like I have read 28+ or - too old to remember them all! Plus the Nancy Drew. Oh how I loved Nancy and the Hardy Boys.

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