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June 04, 2018


Karen in Ohio

Welcome to my world, Annie! SO many books have been written, and even though I've read voraciously since age six, it's astonishing how many authors are still unknown to me. How does this happen?

I guess it's impossible to both have a life and read every book written. Too many writers, like yourself, are still churning out great books yet to be read. But that's a good thing. We will never run out of stories to curl up with and lose ourselves in another world.

Nice to make your acquaintance!

Hank PhilLippi ryan

Agreed! I keep finding new people all the time… Amazing!
I remember many years ago, I went to Malice Domestic… Charlaine Harris was the guest of honor, and I had never heard of her! Can you even imagine?

Annie Hogsett

Y'all are clearly my people. I feel so safe here....

And, since we're confessing. I heard Anne Lamott speak. In person! And she said she reads Middlemarch at least once a year. I have yet to make it to Chapter 4 even one time.

Liz Milliron

Annie, I feel ya. The list of authors I haven't gotten to yet would fill a phone book. I keep reading, but I also keep putting books on the list (oh, I have to read that, and that, and...that). It never ends.

Fortunately, as you said, the mystery community is wonderful and very understanding of my shortcomings. But if I don't get it in gear before Bouchercon I'm going to owe Joe Ide a drink (I promised I'd have his books read by then).

Annie Hogsett

Lisa, I have good news for you. All you have to do is read one little page of a Joe Ide book, and the rest will take care of itself. Buy him a drink for me and tell him to get on with Book 3.


Hank, you and I have this in common -- we both became huge fans of Annie Hogsett before we even met. And to read an Allie & Tom book is to immediately become a huge fan of the series. Congrats, Annie! (and I've got to get cracking on Joe Ide too). Mea maxima culpa.


It was just several years ago that I finally started Michael Connelly, Robert Crais and Sue Grafton. On audio because I can’t fit them into my reading life any other way. I’m glad I did because I am loving them.

And some day, I really want to start Tony Hillerman. Maybe once I get caught up on these three.

Annie Hogsett

Tina, you do not have time to read Joe Ide right now. So, I reverse my advice to Liz when it comes to you. Wait until you have a few hours of downtime. Mmmm, 2021? And, as noted many times, I owe you.

Annie Hogsett

Mark, I'm a Tony Hillerman fan. I discovered him back when I had spare time. Or thought I did. Or didn't and didn't care. Something to look forward to.

Margaret Turkevich

I'm in an on-line book club with monthly discussions. Since January I've read Thomas Harris's Red Dragon, Val McDermid's Wire in the Blood, Dennis Lehane's Mystic River, SJ Rozen's Winter and Night, and Michael Connelly's The Poet. I've learned so much about how writers write.

Annie Hogsett

Margaret! Is Red Dragon NOT the scariest book ever? I've read about half of those. Sounds like a great list for watching master writers at work.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Well Margaret, you are having fun! I was late to The Poet, too, so fabulous. And the more you know and care about writing, the more that entire list shines.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

And yeah, Red Dragon and Silence of the Lambs, so brilliant. Does anyone read Mo Hayder? Her book GONE is amazing.
ANd SJ Watsons Before I go to Sleep. Whoa. MUST read.

Annie Hogsett

There you go with the "MUST reads" Hank. Like I'm not jumpy and insecure enough. I suppose you just loved Middlemarch, too?

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Middlemarch. HA. I'm not even through February.

Storyteller Mary

The better response would be, "You are so lucky to get to read . . . for the first time!" I missed out on Nancy Drew in my youth, so now I read friends' favorites -- I think the Old Clock is mine so far. I was sad reading the final Mrs. Pollifax, and a friend sent me in search of her other works. I just got Girl in Buckskin through ILL.
There are so many more books than any one person could read, which means I'll never run out. ;-)

Annie Hogsett

I've got Mrs. Pollifax and the Golden Triangle waiting at the library and I don't have time to read it or go get it. My priorities are messed up.

Pat D

I refuse to say who I haven't read yet. My TBR piles keep getting taller as I "discover" new authors whom I need to read before I forget their names. (I blame Jungle Reds for a lot of this angst I'm feeling.) Loved your first Tom and Allie book, Annie. I can guarantee I'll be reading the second.

Annie Hogsett

I expect that all first-time authors, barring instant best-sellers, have the feeling that our books sailed off like boats. We're pretty sure they're out there and that some readers have found them, but mostly it's a mystery. A wonderful mystery, but still... So having readers say, I read it. I loved it?' That's a gift. I savor every one. Thanks Pat D.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Pat D, the Reds will happily accept the "blame"!

Jana Leah

Everyone talks about the Mrs Pollifax books & haven't read those yet.

Annie Hogsett

Jane, I had not heard of Mrs. Pollifax before last month. I love them and I'm struggling with the fact that they're not a mere "hit send" away. I'll get them sooner or later, though. I recall I almost had to swim the Atlantic to get a copy of The Winter Ground (Ms. McPherson.)I'm tenacious once I get going. The Mrs. Pollifaxes are unexpectedly fresh after many years. Love them.

Triss Stein

Annie, I find it comforting to know someone with a Ph.D in American lit who admits she never read Moby Dick. And I myself have never read Middlemarch. Or War and Peace. But I"m ordering your new one right away. Congrats! And Hank? I have met Annie - we have same publisher -and look forward to doing it again. She definitely IS funny in person.

Annie Hogsett

Thanks so much Triss. So happy about Middlemarch. I've been alternating between glum and defensive about that for decades. Also, I suppose it is time, here at the end of all things, Frodo, to admit that I have never read Hank Phillippi Ryan. Reprehensible oversight, what was I thinking?—but there it is. Downloaded The Other Woman five minutes ago. I read fast, Hank, I can catch up, I swear. This has been so fun.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh!!!!!! LOVE having a new reader. Get TRUST ME, okay? No pressure, it's just my career. What a great day! Thank you dear Annie! And all you wonderful Femmes.
See you all tomorrow!

Annie Hogsett

Got it. Well, I don't actually GOT it because it's not out until August and I happen to have read the promo and now I want it. Now. But I pre-ordered so all I have to do is stay alive until August which was already a goal of mine. In the meantime I have The Other Woman. Lucky for that. Lucky for all the amazing Femmes of yesterday. A major high point for me.Thanks everybody!

Hank Phillippi Ryan


Storyteller Mary!

YAAAYYY! Message me on facebook and I will send you the book! Yay!

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