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June 26, 2018


Triss Stein

I ordered it. I got it. I'll read it. No doubt I'll enjoy it, too. Married to an attorney, longtime supporters of ACLU, I applaud the whole idea.


Triss if you win I can send yours to someone as a gift in your name.


Sounds like a great read... I'm going to look for it.

Lyda McPherson

I just ordered it on Amazon. Est. delivery July. Can't wait!I'm delighted to participate in such a worthy cause AND I get to enjoy some of my favorite authors and meet some new ones. Win Win.

Storyteller Mary

We need each vote more than ever, to reclaim a bit of decency . . .

Hank Phillippi Ryan

This sounds so perfect! Hurray.
Brilliant idea!

But --what's the bacon and fruit prohibition??


Bacon is dinner and fruit is pudding. To me it's like putting a pork chop and a piece of cheesecake together. Also, cheese as a starter. And all the strawberries in the rhubarb!

Kathy Reel

I get to read great authors and contribute to the ACLU! Of course, I've ordered it already.

Karen in Ohio

Wait. Your greencard is running down? Say it isn't so!

We need to vote in every election, including midterm and primary.

Sherry Harris

It sounds fabulous! I just pr-eordered it and look forward to reading it.

Ann Mason.

What a frabjous book! Even if I don’t win, because you know I should, I’ll buy one anyway. Thanks to all of you, especially my darlin’s, Jim and Catriona

Barb Goffman

I'm commenting. Pick me! Pick me! If you do, I'll even eat brussels sprouts. (That's a lie. But I'll measure one if you'd like.)

Shannon Baker

Rhubarb murders strawberries and shouldn't be considered a food. But this book and everything associated with it is FABULOUS!


Hmm, I love rhubarb with ginger. HAve you ever tried that?


Ann Mason, Random.Org picked you and I have no argument with that. Congrats, my friend.

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