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June 01, 2018



I don't think I'd ever heard of it. Sounds like a great place, however.

And I'm excited to hear you will have more time to write soon!

H. S. Stavropoulos

Wishing you both the best!

Janet Rudolph

How eciting. Looks like a really great town.

Julie Herman

Love the photos. Hope Silver City is just the right place for you!

Kari Wainwright

I was there many, many moons ago. I recall thinking it was an intriguing little place. I wish you much love for your new home.

Dru Ann

I love how colorful the town is. Good luck in your new home.


Thanks, Mark. And thanks for cheering on my writing!


Thanks, Helen.


It is a great little town. Thanks, Janet.


I appreciate that, Julie. I think it's going to be ideal for us.


Thanks, Kari. I've discovered many people I know have been there. It's got a lot of character.


Thanks, Dru Ann. I love the colorful downtown, too.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

WOW! Gorgeous. And what a wonderful adventure!


Thanks, Hank. It does feel like an adventure.

Elaine Viets

Your new home looks amazing, Kris. A perfect place for you. Looking forward to all the books you're sure to write there.


Thanks, Elaine. Me too!

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