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July 11, 2018


Elaine Viets

Good information on cozies, Dean. Thanks for the history. I'm a fan of Miss Silver.

Susan Oleksiw

Good overview of some longtime favorites in the cozy world.

Dean James

Elaine, Susan, glad you both enjoyed it. I love Miss Silver, too.


I couldn’t agree more. One reason I enjoy cozies most over other mysteries. Plus, with the focus on relationships, we don’t have Bond syndrome of every woman (or man) throwing themselves at the main character. That’s much more realistic as well.

Leslie Budewitz

Excellent overview, Dean -- thanks. I like the way Cleo Coyle handles the intimate relationships in the Coffeehouse Mysteries. Clare makes clear she has and enjoys sex, and keeps that door open a little longer than some characters, but for those mysteries -- cozy with a slight edge -- I think it works.

Kristin Lundgren

Interesting look back. To me, the modern cozy began with such as Charlotte MacLeod (1978/79), Diane Mott Davison (1990), and Carolyn Hart (1987), and Laura Child's (2001).

I had never gotten into Agatha Christie or Patricia Wentworth, although my mom loved them, and my dad. I grew up on Nancy Drew, and The Dana Girls. But to me, it's the combo of amateur sleuth, object centered (food, tea, books), and a long series, and what you say about violence and sex. I love Elizabeth Peters, but although I loved the Peabody books, cozy to me applied more to Jacqueline Kirby and her purse and Vicky Bliss. Not quite the very object centered cozy, but the forerunners, as were the others you mentioned. And there are more I read, and more I didn't for whatever reason (sometimes the center of the books doesn't attract me at all). So I have to say that while Charlotte MacLeod's Sarah Kelling/Max Bittersohn series was the first I read, I wouldn't have picked up the Peter Shandy series if it weren't for loving the previous series, although these two and two others, all started within a year or two. And I would have missed such greats as The Curse of the Giant Hogweed, and his wife's morning coffee and homemade fried donuts with her best friend. So many years later those donuts live in my mind and grumbled my stomach. I never knew you could. Despite cooking/baking all my life, and my mom's fabulous cooking and baking, we never made donuts. A crime in itself.

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