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July 23, 2018


Ramona DeFelice Long

Thank you for sharing these, Donna. I am particularly interested in the cemetery shots. My great uncle was buried at sea during WWII, after the Battle of Leyte Gulf, but his name is memorialized at the Manila American Cemetery. I have often thought of going to the Philippines to visit it, but it's never happened. These photographs are a treasure.


Thanks for sharing. It would be interesting to learn for sure the where and year, but they are still fascinating to look at.

Donna Andrews

It's possible that I may learn more about some of these. I haven't taken the final step of checking each slide to see what, if anything, is written on them!

Kathy Lynn Emerson

Great pictures, Donna. How are you doing the conversion to digital? I have tons of slides somewhere but no way to view them except by holding them up to the light.

Connie Miller

Thanks for posting these Donna. My dad was in the Philippines too. He participated in the invasion of Letye. I always look at pictures from that time to try and see him.


Kathy, after researching various do-it-yourself conversation systems, I decided to outsource them to a local photo shop. They give you a discount if you do more than 100.

And in the meantime, I can look at them with a battery-powered slide viewer. Like this one:

Kathy Lynn Emerson

Thanks, Donna.

Elaine Viets

Lovely photos, Donna. What a family find.

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