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August 20, 2018


Susan Kaspar

I don't want to imagine the horrific prospect of facing an empty house, all alone, after a week or a day or an hour, of doggy companionship.

Deb Romano

Although dogs and I adore each other, I don't have one. If I had one, I have a feeling it would have me wound around its little paw! I'm a pushover for those cute little earnest looks.


I'm allergic to dogs, so I couldn't even survive what you do with these dogs.


Susan, I like the doggy companionship, but I also like solitude. As a dog aunt, I get both.

Deb, that's exactly why I don't have a dog. I would spoil the poor thing rotten and never get any writing done.

Mark, with me it's cats--allergic to them, but not to dogs. And since we do have allergies in the family, these dog breeds were chosen because they're less likely to inflame allergies. (They also hardly shed at all.)

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