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August 29, 2018



Welcome. Jessie and Shannon!

Hope the tour's going well and you haven't got to artistic differences and lobbing tellies out of hotel windows yet. So much less of a statement with a flatscreen.


Great tips! I write early in the morning before I'm completely awake and it helps. The writer in me is barely awake and in a dreamy-like state before the day kicks me round, and the editor in me has barely stirred. ;-)


Good morning from Zion National Park. Thank you, Femmes, and Catriona for having us. Mollie has started us off with great tips. Sorry if I’m a little unresponsive today. But I’ll catch up!

Ann Mason

Good morning my darlings. What a delight to enjoy this blog tour with my coffee each morning.

5000 words an hour? I can't even talk that fast. I bow down to the queens!

And Catriona, get out of the sun, slather on some WD40 or something to keep the burn pain down to a minimum, and wear a hat. I KNOW how much that platinum costs. xox

Sally Schmidt

I think SPRINTS! would be useful for a lot of things we need to accomplish without all that distraction - but then I wouldn't be hearing enjoying this blog. I forget just how much fun your tours are until they start up again! Thanks for making my morning fun :-) And congrats on the books.

Jess Lourey

Thank you for hosting us, Catriona and all you Femmes Fatales! Molly, I agree that morning writing is the best, when I can pull it off. Ann, thank you as always for stopping by. Sally, good call: this blog must be read! Thank you for your kind words, your humor, and your support.


I know a lot of authors who do sprints. And anything that gets me more books to read, I’m all in favor of.

Jess Lourey

Haha! Well said, Mark. MORE BOOKS

Libby Dodd

These books sound good.

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