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August 03, 2018



Glad everything is going so smoothly for you in your new home. Me? I like being in the suburbs. Not quite a big town, but close enough to it to enjoy what it offers without the worst parts, like traffic. (Although traffic getting anywhere at commute times is still pretty bad here.


Welcome to your new home. I'm a city lover, but I imagine you could find anything local shops don't carry on the internet.
Enjoy the peace and the new view.

Susan Neace

I lived in the city until I finished school, then I took a job in a small town away from family where we raised our kids. When the kids moved away and we retired, we moved back to a suburb close to family. Given our ages, being close to a support network (and public transportation) has become more important. I miss my small town and the friends there but we appear to be keeping the connection. Our oldest daughter, who travels in her job, is buying our old house so she can come home from her tours to the home she grew up in with her lifelong friends


Mark, I was also a devoted suburbanite until we went smaller. I agree there's a lot to be said for it.


Thanks, Fr. It is true that the internet provides the same shopping experience for everyone.


Susan, how nice for your daughter!

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