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August 29, 2018


Sally Schmidt

Money trumps all with some, doesn't it? Unbelievable that people would intentionally injure a horse that way but I guess we see this greed in all areas. A Taste of Blood and Ashes sounds fascinating and as you say a great way to shed more light on this practice.

Storyteller Mary

Courageous act . . . and what a shame that there are forces that would make telling truth so dangerous?
A friend's father wrote (in the 50s, I think) a fictional account of corruption on a small town's school board, close enough to truth to get him fired from his teaching position and "strongly encouraged" to leave town. Stay safe, and write more. <3

Jaden Terrell

Thank you, Sally. In many, there's a strange mental disconnect between the idea that they "love" their horses and the idea that this is the way to train them. In the book, Zach comes from a family that has sored for generations, and he tells my detective that he didn't think they were doing anything wrong until he realize he was ashamed to let the woman he loved see what they were doing.

Jaden Terrell

Mary, I think your friend's father was much more courageous. I like to think I would have written the book despite any perceived risk, but there are so many people at the forefront of this fight that my little book puts me far down the list. I'm not brave at heart, but I try to write about things that matter, and sometimes that does upset people. Thank you for the encouragement!

Frank Ash

Soring is a terrible thing and so are weights and chains and ginger root in the rectum.

Jaden Terrell

Ugh! Yes, you're so right, Frank. The chains they use in the shows are quite light (though who knows what they use in training), but studies show that sound horses get used to them in a matter of minutes. They only have an effect if a horse has been sored, so if you aren't soring, why use them?


I love this book. I'm not finished yet, but getting close. The hold up was never the book. but a new job and huge time constraints.


I am loving the book. I'm so close to the end it is ridiculous I haven't finished it. It's not the book that's caused me to take so long, but so many other things. I am way behind in my reading and writing world. Not for long though.

Jaden Terrell

Thank you, Linda.That made my day. Sometimes life just gets in the way of our reading pleasure. I keep telling my husband I want that job where people throw lots of money at me and I do whatever I want. Which would be more writing!

Lisa Preston

Well done! Yes, the disconnect when abusers don't recognize their abuse is staggering.

Jaden Terrell

Lisa, you're so right. I guess it shouldn't be surprising, since people who abuse humans often have the same disconnect, but it still boggles my mind.

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