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August 06, 2018


Elaine Viets

Love the new title, Donna. Can't wait to read this one.


I can barely key in a phone number on my flip phone.
You've been living up north too long, our weather hasn't been bad at all... yet.

Deb Romano

Donna, you surprised me by suggesting that you might consider pen and paper in the future. That's farther back than I would have guessed. I thought you might want to give a manual typewriter a new try! (I know I used one in my first job after college, but I don't remember what I used it for!)

Over the weekend I bought your latest book and I'm keeping it as a reward for now: after a certain number of minutes working on decluttering, then I will allow myself to read a couple or seven chapters:-)


Grace Topping

Why not try dictating into your phone, especially when you are walking or driving?

Linda in MA

Love the name for the book in progress! Patiently awaiting for Toucan to land on my doorstep tomorrow. I guess I’m lucky my 90 pound lab doesn’t like to lie on me. Hot and humid here in MA and no ac in our house.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Yup. It'll happen. ANd yes, as Grace says, try dictation. It's HILARIOUS what the software will think you meant.

Terns! You are too funny. xooxo

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