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September 11, 2018


Julie Hennrikus

I embrace what our books do--they are a respite for readers, an opportunity for folks to visit a place and the people they like. More than that, we create a place where justice prevails, and where order is returned. Happy book birthday, and thanks for adding to the joy scale--we need more folks to weigh in.

Eileen Rendahl

Thanks, Julie.


I enjoy mysteries for all the reasons you mentioned. And they are a great way to escape the sober realities of life. At least the lighter ones like you write. We need that at times.

Leslie Karst

Books make us contemplate life, they make us laugh, they make us cry, they take us to new and different places, they allow us to retreat from the madding crowd, and yes, they can give us a world where wrong is righted and justice prevails.

Happy book birthday, Eileen, and thank you for adding to the world of fabulous books!

Eileen Rendahl

Thank you, Leslie and Mark! It's nice to know that people get what I'm trying to do.

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