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September 24, 2018


Annette Dashofy

Thanks for digging up that photo, Catriona! What a fun night. And yes, we need to spend more than that hot minute together at Malice next time.

Oh, and may I quote you with those descriptions of my genre? Grit with heart? I like it!

Liz Milliron

Over the weekend, my stepmom asked if I was still going into the office once a week for the day job. "Nope." And I'm quite happy about it. One less day I have to put on "real clothes," style my hair, put on makeup, and act like a functional adult! LOL

Aimee K Hix

Ah, the joys of the introvert uniform. Coincidentally, Annette, all the extroverting I normally get is at the chiropractors office too. :)


I'm glad you like the pic, Annette.


I find that I look forward to time at home alone, until I actually get it. Then I want to be out with people.

Annette Dashofy

Liz, the fewer days we have to put on "real clothes" the better!

Aimee, I couldn't function without my chiropractor, who strangely enough, can tell when I'm on deadline without being told, simply by the condition of my back and wrists!

LOVE the picture, Catriona! Thank you!

Mark, sounds like you're an introvert/extrovert hybrid.

Cynthia Kuhn

Great post! Not only because I can relate, Annette (as I sit here typing away in my comfortable "writing clothes" at this very moment).

Love that picture of both of you!

And congrats on CRY WOLF!

Storyteller Mary

You've reminded me of a cartoon in NEW WOMAN in the '70s: woman on phone saying, "No I'll be staying home tonight, alone . . . and may I add, in good company." Thanks for all the introvert work needed to create such wonderful books, perfect company when home alone . . . <3

Annette Dashofy

Thanks, Cynthia!

Mary, that's a great cartoon, and fits me perfectly! And thanks for the kind words about my books. Hugs!

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