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September 27, 2018


Elaine Viets

What an amazing woman, Marcia. She had the integrity to be on the high Court, but she was born at the wrong time. What a tragedy.


We need more judges like her. For that matter, more judges who are "hers."

Marcia Talley

I love the picture of Cousin Florence on her "Votes for Women" pilgrimage. Would you mess with that woman? I think not!!

Aimee Hix

What an amazing life story!

Susan Woythaler

Thank you for telling her story! She is MY first cousin twice removed as well! We certainly have prominent people in our family. We have a LOT to live up to. Susan

Kate Charles


Karen in Ohio

Marcia, what a great story about an amazing woman. Thank you for sharing Cousin Florence!

The other night I attended a local League of Women Voters Meet the Candidates Night, where I was pleased to hear and see all four of the women running for open seats on the US First District Court of Appeals, which sits here in Cincinnati. Afterwards, I spoke with one of the women candidates about her background, and she told me something truly stunning: If every woman running this year for the appellate court wins, for the first time in history there will be a female majority on an appellate court in the US.

Wow, right?


Marcia, thanks for sharing this story about your amazing cousin. What a hero!

Marcia Talley

In these dark times, especially today, I find myself asking, “What would Florence do?” So I made 4 phone calls to key Senators and agreed to write 50 postcards.

WWFD? Yup.

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