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October 23, 2018


Elaine Viets

Hilarious blog, Catriona, and your objections to B&Bs is while I'll never get my husband near one. Congratulations on your new book.

Ann Mason.

Whoa. And you call me a witch? I love the idea of the Brigadoonish B&B.


The number 1 does sound like Brigadoon. Or a less bizarre version of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Maybe they were ghosts. The "best of the worst" (worst of the best?) do sound hilarious. Especially the signs. I don't know if I could have been as sanguine about the stale airline pastries as you are.

LynDee Walker

Happy book birthday, Catriona! I love this post, and giggled at the sign list, especially. I always wonder how many people had to do something before there was a sign made—did a hundred people eat cookies in bed, or did one just rain shortbread crumbs everywhere and ruin it for everyone? I ponder stuff like this way too frequently.

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