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October 02, 2018



Beautiful cover, Alexia.

Marla Bradeen

I love your new book's cover, and congratulations on your upcoming release! I think I'm pretty good about keeping secrets too, not that I have any anybody would be interested in hearing!

LynDee Walker

Lovely cover, Alexia, and congrats on the upcoming release! As for secrets: I'm pretty good at keeping the dark ones to myself. It's the happy ones I have trouble not sharing. :)

Celia Fowler

I love, love, love your Gethsemane Brown series and can't wait until February 26 to read Fatality in F. The cover is wonderful, and I am looking forward to visiting Ireland again and sharing a bourbon with Gethsemane and all of her friends (would she share?) As for secrets, I can keep them, but I'd rather not have any ~


How can you possibly be on book 4???!! Anyway, I think this one is the best jacket yet. I love the roses.

Elaine Viets

Beautiful cover! Congratulations!


Beautiful cover, Alexia!


Looks lovely.

Betsy Cooper

So Excited! I've already put it on my wish list!

Sally Schmidt

In general I don't like the idea of keeping secrets, but if someone tells me something I won't be the one caught blabbling. But for covers, well, time to show everybody. Very pretty cover and I can't wait to get into that plot.

Deb Romano

The cover is beautiful, and it’s relaxing just to look at it!

I’m good at keeping secrets, Alexia, so if you want to tell me about the book...


I have a love affair with music, so thumbs up on the cover. Secrets are sometimes necessary. #RealTalk


Thanks for the good wishes, everyone. It's no secret you're all swell and I appreciate your support


The cover is much too beautiful to be kept a secret! Congratulations. I can keep secrets, but like someone else said, I'd rather not have any.

Kristine Hall

FLOWERS! I love this little bit of the reveal, and of course, I LOVE the cover. They are always so eye-catching/appealing. Can't wait for February!

Monica Reeds

I love this cover and I love the series! I'm looking forward to reading Fatality in F.

Carol Warner

Great series! I posted the cover of Fatality in F on the Horn People Facebook page. Hope you get lots of sales from French horn enthusiasts!

Laurie Heidt

Dangerous overtones hang suspended over this quaint seaside village like the unresolved dissonant gloom of the morning fog.

A body, encased in layer upon layer of kruspe wrap - and apparently tossed out onto the high C's, had just washed ashore.

The only cue to the indentity was a gold plated French horn mouthpiece clutched tightly in the victim's left hand. It was freshly engraved with these fatal words:

Females Forbidden


Thanks again, everyone, for the kind words and for sharing your thoughts on secrets. And Congratulations to Kris Neri. You won a signed copy of Killing in C Sharp! Let me know where to send it. You can email me at alexia@alexiagordon.net

Mary McCoy

Love the cover, and secrets are the heart of any good mystery.


I LOVE the cover! The music along the side really adds to the title. Can wait for this book! Whoever is doing the dust jackets really was creative and should stand out when perusing the shelves at a bookstore ( face out featured books/new releases).


I forgot to say secrets in general take knowing who to share it with. I can count on one hand those I would share a secret but selective which person for the type of secret.

Grace Topping

Sounds like another winner. I just got the first one in the series and am looking forward to reading it.

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