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October 15, 2018


Aimee Hix

I know that I'm looking forward to the latest Donna Andrews. When life is stressful (and when isn't it lately?) it's nice to sit back and forget about the real world by visiting Caerphilly and all its perfectly unique residents. :)


Sometimes I feel the same way, Aimee. Of course, equally often I find myself looking at me deadline and wondering why the heck I agreed to do another Christmas book. But hearing readers' reactions reminds me why.


My copy of Lark is on its way. Should be here tomorrow. I’m saving it for December.

Deb Romano

I just finished reading Toucan Keep a Secret, and am experiencing Langslow Gang withdrawal. So nice to know that I’ll soon have the next book in my hands! (And then I’ll go through withdrawal again...)

Elaine Viets

Congratulations on your new Christmas book, Donna. A gift to your readers.

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