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October 30, 2018


Karen in Ohio

A friend gave me a gorgeous, sparkly tiara for my 50th birthday, at my only surprise party. I should wear it more often, frankly. teehee

The reason for the many, many minor beauty contests is twofold: money, and because all those little contests feed into the bigger ones, culminating in Miss America, and then Miss Universe. There is no other path to the big, lavish contests. Which is why ambitious mothers begin dolling up their kids as infants and entering them in those terrifying child pageants.


Sorry, but I’ve got Amy in my head now when Sheldon buys her a tiara on Big Bang Theory. Such a classic episode.

Ellen Byron

Karen, I envy you! Hold on to that tiara, my friend.

And Mark, hi! Now I have to see that Big Bang episode. I used to watch the show regularly but fell out of the habit. Bummer!


I love that episode too. Amy's wondering if her hopes are too high. It's too big to be a ring. It might be a pen. It might be a belt. She opens it. "It's a tiara!"

Leslie Karst

I don't suppose it will surprise anyone to learn I'm not really a tiara kind of gal. But that bonfire one is pretty awesome! Maybe if it held an actual fire....? But you sure wouldn't want to wear it to the Petroleum Festival, then.

Deb Romano

I don’t have a tiara and have never wanted one. However, I now find myself coveting that Bonfire tiara! (It would probably just hurt my head and I’d end up not wearing it. Most hats hurt my head, or my ears, for some reason, which is why I make it a point to buy coats that have hoods.)

Maybe I could display a Bonfire tiara on a shelf in my living room?

Vickie Fee

Ooh, Ellen, I'm covering that gumbo tiara a little! Love the new book!

Vickie Fee


Ellen Byron

I know, Deb and Vickie! That bonfire tiara turned my world upside down.

Ellen Byron

Amy's reaction to the tiara Sheldon gives her would be my reaction to any of these. Although I think I may have to fight you for the hurricane tiara, Catriona!

And Leslie, you bring up an important point. One NEVER mixes tiaras.

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