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October 07, 2018


Art Taylor

Welcome! And so glad all is going well with the new book--and so much more!


Another wonderful new addition to the Femme line-up.

LynDee Walker

Thanks, y'all! :)


Welcome to the Femmes, LynDee! That's all true for me as well. There's always a tipping point when the impossible threads come together and I see how all the payoffs will work. "Magic" is the perfect word.

Diane Garland

I love being caught up in the moment as a reader. Where everything ceases to exist except for myself living vicariously through the character. When the magic hits the character, it hits me also and I surge with anticipation and then sigh at the contentment of a story well ended.

Barb Goffman

The magic so often happens for me in the shower. Something about the power of negative ions. Just a few days ago I opened a story I'd written months before and had thought was good, but with fresh eyes I knew it needed work. But I wasn't sure exactly how to fix it. That night I hadn't been in the shower more than two minutes when it all became obvious, and the story is now revised and so much better. Magic!

Welcome to the Femmes!


I’m so grateful for “magic” moments— for the day when I’m the right person opening the right book, and I forget where I am and just hang with my book-y buddies. I’ll curl around that book for indetmerninat hours as the sun fades, and I’ll gladly have hummus, fruit, and crackers for both lunch and dinner because anything else would take me too far away from the magic. Those days are golden, and for them I thank you LynDee and all the writers who keep my shelves piled high. May the writerly magic find all of you often.


Welcome to the Femmes!

Yes, I can tell when an author has had “the magic” happen for them. It usually takes my breath away, too, at how everything came together.

Deb Romano

As a reader, it happens for me when I look up from my book and am startled to see that I’m in my living room, and not on another continent or in another century, etc.
Sometimes it carries over into other aspects of my life. During the summer I was a passenger in my sister’s car, when a car that was coming towards us seemed familiar. I was just about to say to my sister “doesn’t that fit the description of the car the police are looking for?” when I remembered that that car looked similar to a suspicious car in a mystery I was reading. My sister already thinks I read “too many mysteries”, so I’m glad I didn’t say anything!

LynDee Walker

Thanks everyone, for the warm welcome!

Kris, I stole it from Sue via Hank, so feel free to adopt it for yourself. ;)

Diane, I love that feeling! But I'm always sorry the book is over, too.

Barb, YES! The shower or the car or washing dishes...or walking. This was a rare time it all clicked while I was in front of the computer, once I backed up and tried something new.

Ruth, thank you so much! As a writer I love seeing those moments come to life on the page but experiencing them as a reader is such fun, too. Every once in a while a book comes along that makes me issue notice to my family that they're on their own until I'm done reading. I actually have one on my desk right now, Lou Berney's new NOVEMBER ROAD, that carries that warning, ready for me to get lost in as soon as I finish up this draft of the new Nichelle.

Mark, thank you! I'm so glad to know those moments come across for the reader, too.

Deb, I love that story so much! That's the sort of story every writer hopes to create: One that transports you and comes to life for you.

Cynthia Kuhn

Congratulations, LynDee, for joining Femmes and for finding that magic! I know what you mean, both with the tortured kind of writing and the magical kind of writing! Suspect that it has something to do with the subconscious working in the background, piecing things together? But in any case, it's wonderful when it happens. (Amazing how visceral it can be.) Love your post!

Jennifer McMillan

When I have those moments as a reader, I devour the pages. There's just no other way to describe it.

As a writer, I just walk away for a while and come back to it. I don't plot anything. I just write. Everyone is different, though.


Not sure which makes me happier . . . that other folks will get to read the new series, or that the magic has returned with Nichelle. Write on!

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