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November 26, 2018


Liz Milliron

We have a shared iPhone calendar and a master on the fridge. If it isn't on the calendar, it doesn't exist.

Of course now that The Girl is off to college, we only have one kid to keep track of, which makes things a bit easier.


I wish I could find the perfect equivalent of the notebook-that-tells-me-when-to-breathe, the organizational system I invented for Meg Langslow, my heroine. I function, sort of, with a wall calendar and cyber folder full of virtual lists.

And how do I keep my motivation up? I remind myself that I'm living the life I dreamed of as a full-time writer, and I have the stresses that go with that. Or, as I often mutter to myself when I feel overwhelmed: "First world problem. Chill."

Elaine Viets

Haven't yet figured it out yet, LynDee, though I'm trying to say "no" more often, it doesn't always work.

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