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November 27, 2018



I love Christmas, and I always save a Christmas mystery or two for December. Just getting into my stash for this year, but I did enjoy Six Cats a Slayin' by Miranda James, aka fem Dean when it came out back in October.

Sharon Gorley

Thank you, Catriona, for sharing the shortbread recipe. I'll be making that for a Christmas treat.

Liz Milliron

Alexia, we do the chalking of the doors, too!

I was so excited that we *almost* had a true midnight Christmas Mass this year (these days, 10pm passes for "midnight"), but the priest couldn't get enough interest to justify the logistics of an extra Mass.


I may leave my decorations up until Burns Night. Robbie Burns deserves a tree and tinsel.

Ann Mason.

My bucket list includes trying haggis as made by Catriona. And pancreas is sweetbreads, which I consider manna from heaven.

This Christmas, for the first time in 23 years, Julie will not be singing Midnight Mass. At midnight. Finally we will be at home at midnight, when the animals speak. Can’t wait.

Kathy Reel

I enjoyed reading about your favorite holidays and foods. We used to go to the late Christmas Eve service, but we haven't in a while. I might pull that tradition back out this year. I'm a big fan of both Halloween and Christmas. I like the fun parts of both. Alexia, I hadn't heard about the chalking of the doors. That's sounds like something I'd like to do. Catriona, I hope you share some pictures of your Scottish Christmas on FB, as I imagine you having lots of fun. Aimee, the Mexican holiday is much like Memorial Day was for me growing up. We'd visit all the relatives' graves and leave flowers and clean up if needed.

Elaine Viets

Really enjoyed this look at the Tuesday Femmes. Happy holidays.

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