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November 02, 2018



What's annoying is that you have to get angry for them to actually take care of you. If you try to talk to someone as a nice human being, they will ignore you. That's what frustrates me the most.

Elaine Williamson

That is why I stick with AT&T although other providers cost less, outstanding customer service.

Kris Neri

Me too, Mark. I don't want to have to behave like that, either, but sometimes that's the only way they hear you.

Kris Neri

Elaine, I'm glad you found a company you like. They should all realize that good customer service helps them to hold onto customers.


On the other hand, I have seen some customers who were definitely wrong or trying to get away with stuff. The customer isn't always right, either.

(The situations you described? Customer was definitely right.)

Kris Neri

I agree with that, too, Mark. I used to work on a resort, and I've had to deal with difficult guests. Some people just complain to try to get discounts. They're the smallest percentage of guests, but they complain the loudest.


Remind me NOT to tell you about my experience with Comcast, aka my six weeks of first little and then no internet service. Because telling it would only rile me up again and it wouldn't make you feel any better.

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