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November 16, 2018


Elaine Viets

That's such a sweet story, Joanna. And I love this line, "The soles have just enough tread to grip slick surfaces securely, but not so much as to make them look like they belong in Herman Munster’s closet."

Shelia Hall

I have my grandmother's last sweater and apron.

Pam De Voe

Very touching. A wonderful story and written beautifully.

Autumn Trapani

I have a pearl necklace that belonged to my grandmother.

Beth Caves

I don't have garments but have my Daddy's ball glove when he was a teen. He got the neighborhood kids together in order to keep them out of trouble and off drugs. It was a rural area and the parents worked to support their families. He was killed two months before I was born. It's my cherished item.

Shelia Williams

Loved the story. I have a ring that belonged to my grandma

Sara A.

I loved the story so much. It's tough seeing loved ones getting older. I don't have any wearable items from family members but I do have 2 cherished spoons that I use to stir my coffee every morning that I got from a dear friend of the family who passed away a few years ago. Every time I use them, I think of her and smile.

Julie McDonough

What a wonderful story. I had my Grandmother's quilts, but they were destroyed when my house burned. I regret their loss, but I am thankful I still have my Grandmother's ring.

Tina Myers

Beautiful. When my grandmother passed away my husband and I bought her house. Upstairs in the attic i found a box inside was this beautiful blue glass statue of the virgin mary. I always wondered where it went to also inside the box was a note from my grandmother to me. Out of all her 14 grandchildren she must of known I was going to get her house someday and I would find the box. After 33 years i still miss her and still live in her house.

sherry fundin

I don't have anything like that, but when I think of my Grandma P, I always think of her fuzzy housecoat I used to wear for a wedding dress when I was a kid.
sherry @ fundinmental

Jana Leah

My mom has my grandmother's wedding dress, which she'll pass down to me.

Debra L Holloway

I have a handkerchief that belonged to my beloved aunt.

Rita Wray

I have a sweatshirt with Days Of Our Lives printed on it. My mom loved that show so when I went to Australia to see her I took her one. She was very happy. When my mom passed away I took it because it brings back fun memories.

Katrina Edwards

My Grandfather's hat - He always wore a Liberty hat when he worked in the sawmill - I now wear it outside when I am working.

Allyson Abu-Hajar

What a beautiful story! It’s the little things that mean the most. My grandmother loved to make homemade items to give out. Each year, I’d get new knitted mittens with matching hat and scarf.

It was when I was older and a mom, myself, that my grandmother handed me doilies in different colors. I still have them, and whenever I get them out I think of her.


i have a few items ... one that is very dear to my heart is my Grandma Mary's head scarf ...every Saturday she would put curlers in her hair and then wrap this checked scarf around them. getting ready for Sunday church. i love it ... makes me remember how pretty she was even though she was wearing the scarf. i like to think she is still with me. some lapel pins and a few other odds and ends. it is the small things it believe. great idea!! have a lovely weekend. ( :

Dawn Skene

Beautiful story. When my children were baptized, they wore the dress that my grandmother had been baptized in. I passed it on to my sisters for their children.

Kara Vaughan Marks

I had a white sweater of my grandmother's that had silver and white embroidered flowers. It buttoned up the front and I wore it a lot in college, but I don't have it anymore. I still wear some of my late mom's jewelry, though.


I have a sapphire ring that was my grandmothers.

Jennifer Wilson

Unfortunately I don’t. I wish I did.

Deanna Josephitis

I have my dad's jean jacket

Jane Lavigne

I have several pieces of both my Grandma and my Mom's jewelry but I also have a couple of shawls, one that belonged to each of them, that I regularly curl up in when it gets cool in the winter.

Carolyn Ann Baird

Jewelry that belonged to great grandmother, great aunt, and best friend's mother.

Stephanie G

A wonderful story. I don't have a garment, but I have the quilt my great-grandma made for my grandma's wedding, in 1935.


I have a blouse that was one of my Mom's favorites. I love to wear it to make her a part of family gatherings.

Antonette Nyman

I have a teapot that my grandfather gave my grandmother before I was born. Whenever I would go over there I would stare at it and question her. When I got older she gave it to me and started my teapot collection. It always has a special place.

Teri Fish

Made me tear up. I still have one of my grandma's shirts. It was ripped and I made a little hankie for our son to wear in his jacket pocket for his first communion that he is still mad she passed away before and couldn't come to. Also have my great grandma's china.

Neena Martin

I have a homemade Halloween costume, a clown, made by my grandmother. It has been worn by her, my mother, myself, my daughter, and my grandson.

Joanna Campbell Slan

Oh, my! When I sat down to write this, I wasn't sure where it was going, or how it would come out. I didn't realize that so many other people might feel the same. Thank you--each and everyone of you--for taking the time to share your loving memory.

Wendy Lee

My grandmother made the best cut out Christmas Cookies in the world. I don't have her recipe but I do have her cookie cutters!

Bobby(woman) Biggs

Love it.I thought about my grandma and what she did for us kids

Vicki Townsley

I still have the cowboy boots my mother made him stop wearing. Once month after she passed we went out to celebrate Easter...my father wearing those cowboy boots...We lost him a few months later

Cara Bernhauser

I have quite a few special pieces of jewelry from relatives, sandals, a shawl from Bonwire, Ghana, my grandmom's wedding ring, a special handkerchief, a special shawl. i love to collect the memories, stories, and special pieces. I loved your special memory and boots. This, to me is what life ends up being about.

Linda Hutchinson

I don't have any of my grandmother's clothing but I do have her recipe box and her favorite cookbook.


I have my great aunts watch. She never had kids so we were like her own grand kids. I found the watch when we were cleaning out her apartment after she passed. I used to wear it all the time it had her scent. Always reminded me of her and my grandmother and the times we spent together.


Your grandmother reminds me of my great aunt Grace. She always had something for me. One time it was a ceramic poodle. She knew I loved dogs and all animals. We were a military family and that poor dog broke a couple of times. But I still have it, about 45years later. When I see it, I always remember her love for me. She was special!

Richard Brandt

I have an old bathrobe that belonged to my dad.

Merry Chapman

My father had a very favorite sweater! When he passed away at an early age, I was with him in the end.Cancer had taken him. He had that sweater in the hospital when he had come in, he was there for a treatment and all of a sudden things went from good to horrible and he never left the hospital that time. Now I have his favorite special sweater and 33 years later, I still pull it out to be close to him. Needless to say, I was daddy's girl.

Brooke Showalter

What a wonderful story. I don't have any clothing from family members.

Sahar Husseini

That is a sweet story. I have a gold necklace and ring that belonged to my grandmother. My mom gave them to me on the day of my wedding. I will treasure them, always.

Maria Dalmau

My mother had a favorite blouse she loved wearing, that I now have.

Della Williamson

When quite young I wore a crocheted dress that was made for my Mom's little sister. Their Grandmother saved it as a keepsake. But. When I was born she gave it to Mom for me. When my daughter was born. Mom gave it to me for her. I still have it. My daughter has a girl. I will be giving it to her. It is still in excellent condition


My grandmother always would put on a hat whenever we went anywhere. When my grandfather was getting ready to sell his house and my grandmother was in a nursing home I made sure to take some of her fancy hats in their beautiful hatboxes to always remember her.

Ashley Applebee

My Grandma was my bestest friend. She passed away in 2016 and it broke my heart. I have a huge purple teddy bear and I dressed it up in the sweater she wore often.

Donna Flint

I had a doll that had belonged to my grandmother. I lost it in a fire 12 years ago, but I still have my memories of it.

Margaret Rushton

What a beautiful story. I'm sure the boots are so much more special knowing they were your grandmother's. She was probably so happy you took them home with you.
I have a really nice suede jacket that belonged to my Aunt. She loved that jacket and wore it every spring or fall when the weather was cool. When she became older and didn't wear it anymore, she gave it to me. Every time I wear it, I think of her and how happy she would be that I'm wearing it.

Sandra Rodriquez

I have some of my grandmas clothes turned into a throw blanket


I have the lovely Road to Philadelphia quilt that my late grandmother made for me. (She made a different pattern quilt for each of her 12 grandchildren.) When I look at the quilt, I always picture her teaching me to bake or playing star checkers with me.

Julie B.

What a wonderful story. So sweet. I do not have any articles of clothing from a loved ones (other items, yes, such as one of my grandpa's harmonicas), but no garments.

Jackie Phipps

Great story I loved it. I have a necklace that was my mothers and I wear it when I dress up.

Crystal S

I loved the story of your relationship with your grandmother. I'm sure you must miss her. I have a few things from my grandmother, but no cherished garment quite like your grandmother's boots. So glad that you can still use them and treasure them as a way of remembering her.


Your grandmother sounded like such an interesting person. Love the cigarette holder affectation. That's so cool! I have my dad's high school class ring. I rarely ever take it off. It looks really different from the ones they made when I was in high school and the ones they make now, so it's neat that you can tell its age just by glancing at it. He was an...adventurous young man, from what I've been told. It makes me enjoy it all the more.

Lori R

I have an initial pin that was my Nana’s because we share the same first letter but I don’t have any clothing.

Cheryl H.

I have my mother's garter she wore on her wedding day. It has an engraved sterling silver attachment to the band with her initial. She died when I was a teenager - so I cherish anything that was hers.

sheila yoha

I do not have a cherished garment that once belonged to a family member

Tashia Jennings

I have several quilts from my grandmother, as well as from my Great Great Aunt! Thank You for this wonderful chance!

Kathleen Kendler

I wear my father-in-laws Army fatigue jacket to honor him, my father, my husband, and all veterans.

Jan Hall

I have a shirt that belonged to my sister. I have doilies made by my great grandmother

Marie Roberts

I have special keepsakes from my daddy, my momma, my sister and my brother. I miss them all every day.

Jan Phillips

I have a sweater that was my mother's. It has a snowflake on the front and I can remember her wearing it many times. Unfortunately, it does not fit me, but I still keep it. Maybe I will fit into it again.

Cristina C.

I do have some items of clothing from my grandma and I love wearing them!

Bev Smith

I have a quilt that my Grandmother hand sewed out of my Grandfather's neck ties. Grandmother had 3 granddaughters from her one and only daughter (out of 13 children) and we all got a quilt. I have it safely packaged up. Both my grandparents have been deceased for many years now. I love that quilt.


I don't have a cherished garment passed down to me but my Grandma did give me a black pearl necklace she got in Spain in 1940.

Denise E

This is such a great post, sharing a heartfelt memory of someone so dear to you.

Brithzi Sandy

A great and touching story. I have a crocheted top that belonged to my mother, several crocheted tablecloths that she made, and baby/toddler dresses that she crocheted for my first daughter.

Dina S

I have a ring from my daughter <3


In fact a watch from my great great grandfather

Paula Adams

I have my Father's dress Marine Corp uniform. I also have some of my Mom's sweatshirts that have cardinals on them. She loved cardinals.

Lacey Waters

I don't have anything, unless you count dog tags <3

Betty Finch

What a beautiful story. I have the bed jacket that was bought for my Mother when is was in the hospital before she died. I was 3 at the time and my sister held it for me until I was old enough to appreciate it. I hope to give it to my granddaughter before it is my time to join my Mom.

Risa Rispoli

I have one of my grandma's fur hats. She loved hats and wore them all the time.

Kim S

We're not incredibly sentimental in our family, but I do think my mom has saved some of the afghans her mother knit. I haven't seen them in awhile though...so maybe she finally passed them on to someone in need!


Anything with any sentimental value would go to my older sister :(.


I have a quilt and some lace tablecloths that my grandmother made. Also have an afgan made for my by my Nana. Right now they're all safely stored in my hope chest.

Lisa Wolf

I have my Grandma's buffet; it was one of the first things you would see when you entered her home. The black rotary phone sat on the corner by the wall, there was a small bench beside the buffet that Grandma would sit on during long conversations with her sisters that lived out of state. My Grandma passed away 25 years ago; my uncle allowed each grandchild to select something from the home. We chose in birth order, I was number 4 of 5. My cousins selected bedroom furniture and other things that I can't remember now. I wanted the buffet and was thankful that it had not been chosen by them. I also have a pillow that my Grandma made from an old feather mattress, the best pillow ever :-)

Jeanine Carlson

No clothing, but I have my Grandmother's wedding ring, as well as my mom's wedding ring and a ring my daughter gave me shortly before she died. They are all wonderful reminders of the women in my life that I have loved and lost.

Karen F.

Wonderful story! My 'nana' always wore her hair pulled up into a bun. She had wonderful hat and hair pins that I have now. They're beautiful!!


I don't, but I wish I did!


I love stories like this. I have my great-grandmother's ring and my grandmother's expensive fountain pen and they both remind me of family love. The fountain pen was one of five items in my Grandmother's black leather purse. That and a lipstick, handkerchief, comb, and checkbook was all she ever carried till the day she died. I was 19 when she passed away and I love and have it out.
Marilyn ewatvess@yahoo.com

Faith Hope & Cherrytea

A beautiful cardigan handknit for my mother by my British warbride auntie. It fits me well and keeps me warm with memories . . . One grateful daughter and niece <3

Stephanie Grant

I have my dad's leather jacket that I wear every fall/winter. It's very special to me.

Cassandra D

I have a scarf from my aunt.

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