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November 19, 2018


Elaine Viets

That poor bald bird, Donna. I looked up its photo. Ugly as homemade sin. Thanks for an interesting post.

Sue King

Love this story - I'm a birder along the lines of your mom and share a house with a friend who is an avid birder like your dad. I've not seen bald headed birds, but I do recall a Rufous sided Towhee that had a damaged bill. It wouldn't close all the way so he had to tilt his head sideways and use his bottom beak like a scoop to eat. He looked healthy, so maybe this was a deformation he was born with? Hard to think what could have damaged his beak that much without killing the bird. I always kept an eye out for him and made sure my feeding stations were all well stocked. I cheered for him every time I saw him. He kept coming to my feeding stations for about a month, then I never saw him again. But I always kept my feeders ready for all comers. <3

J. Evans

When I was in Florida this past September, my mom had a bald cardinal at her bird feeder, which I got several pictures of. Happy to know he's not alone in his affliction, because he really did look like a sad little thing (although he seemed chipper enough).

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