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December 26, 2018



That’s a resolution I need to make as well. Here’s to a friendly 2019!

Elaine Viets

To you, too, Mark.And to no more missed lunches.

Storyteller Mary

Excellent resolution! I had a glorious lunch with two lovely friends today. <3

Alan P.

I like this a lot.

Deb Romano

Yes, friendship is so important, and I think more so as we get older. Two years ago in October I lost two friends one day apart. Barely two weeks later my youngest sister became ill with her final illness, and died the day after Thanksgiving. Despite the fact that all three of them had chronic illnesses, I just assumed they would all bounce back and recover, and that we would have more time with each other. A couple of months ago another good friend died, just weeks after beginning chemo. Again, I was shocked; she had faced physical challenges before, and had always found a way to move on. But at least this time, I had visited or called every chance I could get, and sent cheery cards whenever I could. I retired this past May, and resolved right then and there that I would make it a priority to spend time with friends and family. My house needs a lot of dusting and decluttering, but my priority is to nurture my friendships, and they are growing stronger. The dust can wait!

Elaine Viets

Way to go, Mary. A good way to end 2018.

Elaine Viets

Thanks, Alan P. I know you have the same regard for old friends.

Elaine Viets

You're right about friendships meaning more as I grow older, Deb. Both Dick and Valerie had chronic illnesses, but I was sure they'd always bounce back. And then they didn't.
It's a hard lesson to learn.

Beth Schmelzer

Love your resolve, Elaine. I hope to renew our friendship at Sleuthfest this year. I am excited to see you in March and May!


Elaine Viets

Me, too, Beth. See you soon.

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