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December 31, 2018



I’m spending New Year’s Eve recovering from surgery. I’m on top of the water and protein goals. I’m going to watch the tv for the festivities and seeing the ball drop. My goals in the New Year is to stay accountable post surgery. Very motivated! Love how you approach goals! I also seem not to get all of my list complete. Happy New Year!!

Teri O'Brien

I am spending my New Years Eve with my 14 year old beagle. She and I will reminisce about the last year. We will choose who gets the last shrimp of 2018. Then she will enjoy said shrimp. My partner will have long gone to bed,so beagle and I will greet the new year,then she will go to the bench at the end of the bed and wait patiently for me to boost her on to it so she can hop into bed and settle down on my pillow, I mean our pillow.

Connie Miller

I am spending New Years Eve knitting on a sweater ( almost finished) and rereading Duck the Halls.

Peg Bossard

I’m spending New Year’s Eve reading and snacking. Lots of goodies are left over from Christmas and of course I need to get rid of them before I start the famous “diet” New Year’s Day.


I'm spending part of my New Year's Eve eating kielbasa and cabbage. When I was quite young and the only female child in a huge family of males (my father is the oldest brother of 8, I have 2 brothers and at the time 5 male cousins), my father told me that I had also been born a boy, but he'd wanted a daughter so they'd had a magic spell put on me to change me over. The catch was if didn't eat kielbasa and cabbage on New Year's Eve, I would change back. Since my Daddy would NEVER tell a fib, I've had kielbasa and cabbage every December 31st for 52 years running.


So far, I've finished a book for New Year's Eve. I'm about to start watching the latest Mission Impossible movie while doing some review/blog housekeeping. Do I know how to party, or what?

What I won't be doing tomorrow is any cleaning. Thanks for giving me a perfect excuse not to. :)

Lesley Keech

I spent NYE in the way that I've made my tradition. The only superstition I have is to empty all the bins - something about throwing out the rubbish and starting anew, I think. It is, at least, a harmless superstition :) Then I watch one or two good/bad movies. Y'know the sort of bad I mean, where it's bad enough to giggle at hopelessly but not so bad you can't watch it all the way through. I watched"The Foreigner" which actually turned out to be a decent movie and "Escape Plan 2" which was laughably bad. And then I turned on the TV and watched Big Ben chime in 2019 and the fireworks dsiplay on the Thames. Fab!

Debbie Price

I spent New Year's Eve watching the movie Sing, cross stitching and also watching Father Brown.
Hope you had a good night!

Denise Shoff

I spent New Year's Eve with my two cats watching the NYC PARTY AND DALLAS TX PARTY. Wow the one in Dallas was fantastic!!!! I would like to be there in 2020.

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