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December 11, 2018



I’m jealous. I’d ask if they would hire out, but I don’t have the room for all those bookcases in my condo as it is.


Best gift I ever got from my dad was his building a wall of bookcases sized for paperback books. Originally it faced the book-lined fireplace wall. When we moved to a place with a full-fledged library, the paperback bookcases fit neatly in the master bedroom.

Leinda Peterman

I buy Kindle books for most things, but I buy hardbacks for nonfiction and signed books - books that I love. The shelf of James Lee Burke signed books along with lots of others including Walter Mosley and Catriona McPherson. I would love more space if I could get it. But I think my children would think about my books just as your nephew did!


You need a bookmobile for the next thousand books. I am so impressed that you have a whole section for
Persephone Press books. They are indeed jewels.


I had to move several times in the last half-dozen years and had to be very strict with myself as to what to keep and what would fit my space after the moves. First I went through and donated all the books I’d been holding onto I knew I’d never read again (not too many, really). Then I had to figure out how to organize what was left after I moved. Granted, I don’t have nearly as many as you, nor as much space! But my “methodology,” if I’d call it that, was to keep all series books together (Winston Graham, Diana Gabaldon), all biographies together, all young people’s books together, all English lit books together, all mysteries together, etc. My signed books are spread about, since the categories make it impossible to put them all in one area. Nowadays I have a lot of books on my iPad Nook app.


I don't think I'm doing too badly, given what people are saying. As for purging, though. Reflect that I moved countries eight years ago. If that didn't make me downsize nothing will. I've pledged that when the new bookshelves are full (if I live that long)I'll start one-in-one-out.

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