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January 16, 2019


Art Taylor

So true, Toni. I've heard so much of this advice from various corners (including writing teachers). It's not that all of it's bad, of course, it's just that one size doesn't fit all. Thanks for the fun post!


Absolutely! I always smile and nod because people mean well, but every writer and every process and career path are unique.

Kathy Lynn Emerson

Well said. One size doesn’t fit all.

Aimee Hix

Toni, the only iron-clad, unassailable writing advice in my opinion is that of the late Robin Hathaway.

To quote: "Seventeen people is too many to kill in the first chapter."


Tara Laskowski (@beanglish)

My favorite (also from people not in the business): You should get your book into Costco. And thank you for the 'write everyday' bit. If that was what was needed, I'd have given up writing long long long ago. Better advice? Figure out how to be a productive writer in 15-minute bursts, while an episode of Curious George is blaring in the background. :-)

Alexia Gordon

17 is too many, Aimee? Darn! *heads to office to edit manuscript*

Liz Milliron

Learn Latin? I'm sunk.

Great "bad" advice. People tried to tell me for years I had to outline to write a good book. Turns out that just isn't my process and that's okay.


I’ve heard the learn Latin bit as well. I can understand the thought behind it, and at one time it might have been good advice when books where written to people with better vocabularies. But today, when the average vocabulary is small and so many words have a basis in something other than Latin, this isn’t true any more at all.

Toni LP Kelner

You know, I could kill 17 in Chapter 1. Would have to be a bunch at once, like arson or a bomb or a crash or...


It probably wouldn't be a cozy....

Joanna Campbell Slan

Hmmm. this is kind of hysterical, Toni. That's from the Latin hystericus which means suffering in the uterus. Just sayin'...

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