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January 08, 2019


Aimee Hix

Duo Lingo, babe! Bits and bites on your phone whilst you're waiting in line or with a few spare minutes to fill.

Art Taylor

Your new year's resolutions sounds a lot like mine--including two years ago vowing to read Bleak House (which I eventually gave up, have to admit). Congrats on a great year, though, and best wishes for the new one too!


Duo Lingo sounds worth checking. Thank you!

Lori Rader-Day

Duo Lingo while walking...does it break the offline goal?

I always do NYR and have a pretty good track record for reaching them. Pretty good. Not perfect.

Congrats on all your progress!


You’ve been to more states than I have. Unfair!!

Good luck with your resolutions. I usually fail at mine so I rarely make them any more.


Happy New Year to you fabulous lady! I too am determined to learn Spanish this year. Someone else already mentioned duo lingo, but when I was in college we used a program called Destinos Introduction to Spanish, and I found it online at learning.org It's super old, but words don't change. Here's hoping we'll both be Spanish speakers by the end of the year. Happy to say I'm all caught up on my Dickens.

Elaine Viets

Happy New Year, Catriona! I'm impressed by how much you accomplished -- and you only gained 5 pounds during the holidays? Another achievement. You look fabulous in your red dress.

Debi Huff

Glad to hear you are considering visiting Kentucky!!! Let me know when and I’ll show you around the bluegrass! Good job on your other resolutions!
Debi Huff

Karen in Ohio

Well done, you! I agree with Elaine on that fab red dress.

Please also let me know if you visit Kentucky. Especially since I can't make it to either Malice or Bouchercon this year.


You look fabulous! Good for you for doing such a great job with your last resolutions. Much luck with keeping them going.

Anne Louise Bannon

Actually, the best way I know to learn a language is to go where they speak it and don't let anyone talk to you in English. It can be pretty rocky, at first, but it's the fastest and most accurate way to do it.

Laura-Kate Rurka

Congratulations! I don't make New Year's resolutions as I always disappoint myself. I'm impressed! I also recommend Babbel for learning Spanish. I used it with my kids when they were young and still interested in learning other languages. It was fun to use.

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