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January 14, 2019



So, it sounds like you want to hear about the weather here in CA. We actually got 2 inches of rain yesterday, and it didn’t make it to 50. Today will be more of the same. No snow, but as wintry as we get.


Oddly enough, I think I would miss snow if I never had any. That could be the mellow, survived-another-snowstorm me talking.


After living most of my life in Southern California, I'm thrilled that I live in a place that gets some snow. We've actually had three snowstorms already this year. I love looking at it when it's coming down, and when everything is a pristine white. It's just that after it falls, I want it to go away for a while. Now, we're back up into highs of the 60s, and that's good. My snow need has been filled.

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