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January 03, 2019


Art Taylor

That's hilarious, Marcia! Love that image....

My first job was as a bagger at a Piggly Wiggly--not adding that as worst job, because I enjoyed, but just as a starting point. In general, I've been lucky--can't complain about the jobs I've had over the years. Quirky people maybe, but..... Happy New Year!

Susan Neace

Cold call telephone sales of aluminum siding. It took me two bus transfers to get there and they were the 4 longest days of my life. The 5th day the employer skipped town and none of us got paid

Marcia Talley

Susan, ouch! At least I got paid!!

Elaine Viets

Selling septic tank cleaner from a boiler room was the worst. I could write a book about that one -- in fact, I did.
Good blog, Marcia.

Beth Schmelzer

I was a telephone operator at an answering service during summers in high school and college. When the boss's relative got the job the next summer, I tried selling Collier's encyclopedias with my brother. We quit when we discovered the team leaders stole our leads and pay, telling us the patrons had cancelled the sales. Back to school to become an English teacher.

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